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 The chalets around Shelley Beach in Exmouth had once been the homes of fishermen and their families. I remember the colourful cottages as quirky and unique, all seemed to be different designs. Alleyways would dart between them, a great adventure playground for a kid on his Raleigh Chopper, but by the time I was wandering the lanes with a camera, back in town having finished a photography degree, the area had been left to crumble. The Dock Company was accused of avoiding the regular maintenance to allow them to deteriorate to the extent they'd need to be pulled down and sure enough by the end of the Eighties the port had been closed and the area around it was being cleared for new development.

These images were shot on transparency to try to capture the colours but some I also took using TriX black and white film, the go-to for documentary photographers back then. In the last 40-odd years many of the negatives and slides have been mislaid but these are some of the survivors.


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